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At Daniel Entertainment, we are your personal talent buyers. Like consultants, we can discuss the atmosphere you want to create, the guests you want to entertain and match them with available options under the budget you have projected. We are able to do a search using thousands of options and choices, from r&b, rock, jazz, beach, big band and Latin, anything that you can imagine.

This is all we do, so it's our job to stay on top of all the many options. As long as you give us enough information about your expectations, guiding you will be our pleasure. Weddings have always been very important to us at Daniel Entertainment. We are the ONLY agency of our kind to devote a full time agent strictly to working with brides and grooms. We have always felt like receptions command unique and individualized attention.

The whole process can be very overwhelming. If you're not careful, on your own, you could be booking a band or dj known for problems or maybe paying an inflated price. A talent agency can help you avoid this and simplify the whole process. Don't go through it alone. Your big day is too important.