Our Philosophy

It is said that music is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. Recognizing this, our lives are enriched by incorporating music into our personal and professional existence. At Daniel Entertainment Group, we combine our passion for good music with over ten years experience in the music industry.

Daniel Entertainment Group was founded on four basic truths:

The first is the responsibility to represent the very best talent. We pride ourselves in staying current with new trends and staying knowledgeable of most musical styles so we will only introduce you to the highest quality, most relevant entertainment. Whether your event is a large concert or an intimate wedding reception, we will listen to your plans and help guide you to the right option for you. In this way, we are not your typical booking agency. Rather, we are consultants interested in learning more about your event, the atmosphere you want to create and the audience you want to entertain. Only then can we accomplish your entertainment goals together and make your event into the truly special occasion it needs to be.

Our second truth is a commitment to help our clients make more educated buying decisions. Daniel Entertainment Group is driven to taking the guess work out of booking talent. We are aware that there is always a lot riding on your event. Making a sound decision is important whether you are pleasing a committee, a client, your boss or your family. Daniel Entertainment Group will always stay current with the latest technology to deliver to you the information you need to make the most educated buying decision.

Third, Daniel Entertainment Group believes that exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from the others. It is important for us to know that our clients feel assured that we will be there from the first phone call until the last amplifier is loaded out. If we can take one variable of your event and manage it so thoroughly that you spend little time on it, then you will be more effective and efficient with other parts of your event that demand your close attention. Your whole event is then enhanced!

Lastly, all of this is done with the promise to always remain true to fair, honest and moral business principles and practices. Daniel Entertainment Group understands that we will flourish in a field, not typically known for honesty and integrity, by setting a new standard of openness and truthfulness.

Daniel Entertainment Group would be honored to be part of your team in planning your next event. We do not seek the spotlight. Rather, we are an extension of your vision for your event. It is our greatest compliment when you look like a hero for finding one of our entertainers. Daniel Entertainment Group subscribes to the "Customer Experience" philosophy. This relates to the entire experience our clients have with us and their expectation of a consistent level of quality throughout this entire experience. Daniel Entertainment Group believes that if our clients have an awesome experience, from their first call to us through the conclusion of their event; that it will create a positive impression that we can all be proud of for this event and increase the likelihood that we work together again and again.