National Recording Artists

Your guests have just finished dinner.  They have been relaxing and talking about what will follow and WHAT has been hiding behind that huge curtain all night.  Imagine the look on their faces as the curtain drops and suddenly, to their surprise, Bruce Hornsby is on stage with a full band and playing one of their top 10 hits that you've heard millions of times on the radio.

Well, that was an experience that Daniel Entertainment helped create recently.  DEG can help create a one of a kind experience like this for you.  We would love to be a national talent buyer for you too.

As a talent buyer for you, clients can take advantage of our many years of forming relationships in the music business.  The music industry can be hard to navigate and intimidating to work in.  With our relationships, we can help you identify the right option, negotiate on you behalf and walk you through the contracting process.  Every year, we travel to the major music markets of Los Angeles, New York and Nashville to stay current with the industry and it's artists.

DEG has access to industry reports, research and information about each artist we will consider.  We can tell you everything from average tickets sold, to recordings sold, to what that artist has been paid the last few years.  With the ability to have this much background, we will not let you make a mistake.  Our research will allow us to identify the right act for the right price.

Once you have your artist identified, negotiated and booked, the real work starts.  Don't try to work you way through a 40 page artist rider without help.  At Daniel Entertainment, we have many years experience of negotiating rider details and costs.  We will oversee the production and rider process, while managing your bottom line and controlling costs.

Buying national talent and recording artists can add a huge splash to your event.  A celebrity "meet and greet" with the artist will be the kind of "once in a lifetime" experience that your guests will never forget.  They will be amazed at the recognizable name that you have delivered.  Let Daniel Entertainment be part of your team through this one of a kind moment.  We will ensure a smooth experience and take the stress off of you.