Fettucini Brothers

Like most jugglers, The Fettucini Brothers got their start a long time ago in a British Skiffle band. No, wait a minute... that's the Beatles. The Princes of Pasta actually got started in the kitchen of a very, very slow restaurant. Steve Langley aka Alfredo and Sean Sullivan aka Aldente both cooks in that slow restaurant, found themselves killing time between slinging hash, by slinging kitchen utensils and jokes back and forth.

One day they threw a noodle at the wall to see if it was done. It stuck, and The Fettucini Brothers were born. Once they teamed up they fought side by side in the local entertainment trenches taking advantage of Steve's experience as a part-time solo performer and Sean's nutsy sense of humor and fulfilling his need to be tucked in on the road. It wasn't long before they were the toast of the town, the cheese toast that is, and were fixtures on all forms of local media; TV , newspaper and radio, yes juggling on the radio. They were also voted "Charlotte's Best" jugglers several years in a row by Charlotte Magazine. It was then that they realized that there were greener pastures on the other side of the hill, but it turned out that the hill was Mt. Fuji. So they went to Japan where they toured for six months and were embraced by the Japanese people, and it felt good. They barely had time to reset their watches before they were back in the swing of things in the U.S. They toured colleges and comedy clubs on the road then took their act to sea where they are crowd favorites on cruise lines around the world. They gained national exposure by appearing on "An Evening at the Improv" & "Comedy at Sea" as well as "The Statler Brothers Show" and "The Crook and Chase Show" on TNN.

All the while they have insisted on keeping in touch with their roots by continuing to work in the south eastern region, performing in such diverse environments as: corporate events and trade shows ( for such clients as IBM, Ford, Apple, Intime Software and Cannon), NBA half-time shows for the Charlotte Hornets, as well as state fairs and street festivals. After 15 long years on the road Aldente decided to hang up his horns and retire from the life of a Fettucini.Brother, and thus, Mike Heidtman aka Alfresco was adopted into the family in 1999. He was an old friend of The Fettucini Brothers and actually shared the stage with them at juggling conventions in the past. Becoming a Fettucini Brother, for him, was the realization of lifelong dream. He brings a nice mixture of different skills and flavors to the Fettucini entertainment table. His experience and expertise as a professional performer in his own right helped to make the transition to a Fettucini Brother quite easy. As a result, The Fettucini Brothers have a new act for the new millennium. In the short few years that Alfredo and Alfresco have been together they have taken the act to new levels and new venues. In 2001 they were chosen to be the official Tennis Court Jesters for The Davis Cup tennis tournament and were featured on ESPN2 as a result. They also performed at The Food Networks "Culinary Arts Pavilion". Most recently, The Fettucini Brothers have been developing a "Circus Arts Education" program. They have tested this program in schools all over the country. The teaching and educational program is a new and exciting part of The Fettucini Brothers menu.

Who knows where the Fettucini's travels might take them next. Maybe to your next event...
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