The Roustabouts

The Roustabouts are a North Carolina based bluegrass group where bluegrass music has a long history. The Monroe brothers did some of their early recordings here in the late thirties. The Roustabouts are rooted in bluegrass music working festivals, company parties, radio and TV shows. Whether it's a fundraiser or a special event, their music is for the young and old. the group is proud to be "home grown," and have made many contributions through the years by having former members work with nationally known bluegrass bands. Some of the former members are Pete Corum, bass player with Lester Flatt and The Nashville Grass; Jimmy Bowen, tenor singer/mandolin player for the Country Gentlemen. When you listen to The Roustabouts you find it laced with traditional, as well as new and original songs with fast-moving instrumentals.

John Sipe-Fiddle, Roger Martin-Mandolin, Phil Keys-Bass, Harry Dunn-Guitar, John McMillian-Banjo
Musical Style:
»  Bluegrass, Country, Americana