Gary Mumford

We offer the best in Dueling Pianos and solo piano entertainers throughout the US and Europe for nightclubs, weddings, parties and corporate events. We also have staffed certified sound installation engineers and piano technicians to consult your every need. We have been associated with every major piano bar chain in the world and have consulted in the opening of over 15 extremely successful venues over the past 10 years. You will find that we have the experience and confidence to make your situation all it can be. What is it all about?

Dueling Pianos is one of the fastest growing bar concepts in the world. It's mostly a request driven sing a long rock-n-roll show with the most popular artist being Billy Joel, Elton John, Van Morrison, Sublime, Jimmy Buffet, and others from the 1950's to current Another large portion of the show is hilarious comedy bits that maintain the attention of the crowd for the entire night. There are more and more piano bars opening today and there are less and less qualified piano players available to fill the opening positions. The success of every party as well as the life span of every piano bar will ultimately be gauged by the level of talent.