Wonderbread 5

Wonder Bread 5 is the ultimate pre-packaged pimp party posse...Five cracker-ass white guys in afros and stupid fresh outfits packing a positive party punch fo you and your crew. So watcha gonna do? Check this out:

Wonder Bread 5 is the real deal in a field of wanna-bes. This wacked out, over-the-top rock n roll conspiracy has been taking it to the streets for the last six years; ruining hotel rooms and selling out every dive bar and nightclub that will allow them in the door. With their tongue planted firmly in cheek, the Wonder Bread 5 posse fuses hip-hop, country-fied white-trash anthems, disco and hair metal, resulting in a high energy spectacle of fun, grooves and all the songs you love to sing...and sing loudly.

Expanding way beyond their roots as a Jackson 5 tribute act, these Cali based soul brothers are taking their sound across the country. Las Vegas, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Los Angeles have all recently been bitten by the bread-bug. And that's just the beginning...

Make no mistake - this is not your parents cover band. This band is crazy, young and drunk on rock n roll. So put on them there dancing shoes, grab the one you love (or want to love), belly up to the bar and get movin' cause it's party time with the Wonder Bread 5, y'all.
Musical Styles:
»  Motown, Soul, Oldies, Beach, Variety
»  Classic Rock, Roots Rock, Jam Band
»  Hip-Hop, Urban, Current R&B
»  80s Pop, 90s Alternative, Modern Rock