Stephan Angers, Louis Fiset, Louis Fernandez and Mike Salvatore all have individual musical backgrounds that could easily stand on their own - but all four realized that by combining their talents they could become the kind of band that they have always wanted to be - which is now exactly what they are.

Fronted by soulful and charismatic Stephan on lead vocal and the artistic guitar playing of Louis, U-Phonik delivers an unparalleled blend of British pedal rock and modern American alt-guitar pop. Flanked by Fernandez's dramatic bass lines and Mike's rhythmical stylings, the foursome is progressive and undeniably talented.

Stephan, Louis and Fernandez all grew up in Quebec City, Canada while Mike is a no nonsense New Jersey native. The three Canadians managed to turn their childhood friendships into the musical experience that would eventually take the form of the band now called U-Phonik. While still in Quªbec, Steph, Louis and Fernandez, each of whom contribute to the writing of U-Phonik's ever growing repertoire, initially garnered local success with their French music.

A desire to broaden their musical horizons saw the band relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2001 where U-Phonik has since established itself as one of the best acts in the region. In addition to expanding its boundaries physically, U-Phonik redefined itself musically by recreating its music for an English-speaking audience - thus creating a new style infused with their French-Canadian roots and their ever growing love of the U.S. music scene.

U-Phonik is now redefining the standards of alternative pop/rock. Their music stands out from today's garden-variety radio pop with its innovative, powerful melodies and a unique cultural flair. Blend these elements with creative lyricism, high-energy performances, and the vibrant personalities of the band members, and the result is the irresistible sound that is U-Phonik.

The most important element of U-Phonik's music, though, is the passion that drives the band. Their love of music resurfaces again and again in songs like Help Me Out, Absolutely Gone, and Mary - reaching out to their audience with a colorful style that will draw you in and never let you go.
Musical Styles:
»  Classic Rock, Roots Rock, Jam Band
»  80s Pop, 90s Alternative, Modern Rock