Right Turn Clyde

If you've ever made something and added all the right ingredients that's Right Turn Clyde! We bring a great mix of music from the 60's, 70's, 80's and more combined with the energy of three different lead singers and killer three part harmony. Although RTC is a relatively new band, it is full of seasoned musicians who have played music together for many years. This is a band with two main objectives - good music and good fun! Right Turn Clyde has a wide variety of music for every occasion and was formed with that to be one of the main goals - SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!

We do rock, southern rock, Motown, funk, soul, country, and beach music. No matter what the occasion - corporate functions, weddings, festivals, college parties, etc., we've got you covered. We often add and/ or delete songs on our song list in order to keep our show fresh and to bring you the music that we feel we do best!

RTC has a large variety of dance music CD's for entertainment during our breaks if needed.
Musical Style:
»  Motown, Soul, Oldies, Beach, Variety