The Loafers

THE LOAFERS, a 5-piece band, with strong vocals, great harmony and talented musicians, can trace its formation to the year 2000. That was when Tom, Kevin and Jerry were asked to play a corporate Christmas party. We asked Brian, and then Sharon to join us, and here we are.

Charlotte is home to a number of great bands. We know that, because we have played in many of them. But THE LOAFERS saw a need for a band that could play corporate events, family events, or parties in a country club or banquet room setting, at an affordable price.

A little old fashioned, in this high tech world ? Let's say we have learned to appreciate the simple things in life. THE LOAFERS still enjoy interaction with the crowd, playing songs you will recognize, songs you can dance to, and yes, some great slow songs.

Any band can play loud. What sets THE LOAFERS apart is our ability to control the volume. We use a very professional sound system, lights and professional stage equipment, uniquely engineered for quick load in and load out.

THE LOAFERS know the challenge every event planner goes through. So, take this simple test before you make your final entertainment selection. Who are they, will they be too loud, will they dress ok, will they be rude, are they just a bar room band, will they only play fast songs, do I really need a band with crazy costumes.

Yes, now is a great time to contact THE LOAFER
Musical Styles:
»  Motown, Soul, Oldies, Beach, Variety
»  80s Pop, 90s Alternative, Modern Rock