The Headliners

The Headliners generate a contagious enthusiasm. The audience enjoys listening and everyone dances and has fun at your party. Often the evening starts with quiet background music during cocktails or dinner, then things pick up and the fun and excitement begins. Each performance is customized to the nature of the event, your desires, and the response of the audience.

For members of The Headliners, versatility and crowd pleasing are a way of life. Two of the band's members, Bill Baucom and Bob Christian, have performed together for over 27 years and have established a solid reputation for quality, dependability, versatility and professionalism. Bob, certainly one of the most versatile and experienced drummers in the business, keeps the band cooking with everything from swing to rock. Bill provides a wide variety of vocals and also plays guitar and piano.

Jim Baird is the group's bass player and one of its three vocalists. Jim is equally comfortable with jazz, beach, rhythm & blues, rock and classical music and has an extensive and diverse performing background. Hubert Deans is the keyboardist and provides the band with additional lead vocals as well. Hubert's performing experience is extremely diverse and he also owns and operates an independent multi-track recording and production studio in Durham, NC.

The Headliners come equipped with compact and efficient state-of-the-art sound equipment. The band does not require tons of space in which to set up and they can provide an upbeat, energetic show without offensive volume levels. Always well-dressed, courteous, dependable and easy to work with, The Headliners will make your special occasion fun and memorable. Remember, if you want the party to end early, don't hire The Headliners.
Musical Styles:
»  Motown, Soul, Oldies, Beach, Variety
»  Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Classical
»  Classic Rock, Roots Rock, Jam Band