Cover to Cover

OK! There are only THREE of them!

With the idea of providing "live" entertainment, in a smaller package, BUT without sacrificing a good, solid sound, excellent vocals, harmonies and fun personalities, sums up what COVER TO COVER provides. A quick look at their song list will uncover quite a variety of songs to satisfy many musical tastes.

COVER TO COVER is a great consideration for small to medium sized parties, with limited space, where good music is needed to help create the mood and atmosphere you desire. From their backgrounds in previous bands and working with many talent buyers, these guys understand the many needs of their clients.

Again, a small, but very efficient LIVE musical combo, that sounds good, looks nice, plays the right songs, have a personality and a GREAT attitude! COVER TO COVER!

Close the book!
Musical Styles:
»  Motown, Soul, Oldies, Beach, Variety
»  Classic Rock, Roots Rock, Jam Band
»  80s Pop, 90s Alternative, Modern Rock