Cookie is a high energy and very versatile band. You will hear everything from Bill Withers (Use me, Just the Two of Us, etc.) an assorted selection of the Dave Matthews Band, Steely Dan, Sugar Hill Gang and many tunes from the Motown era. Oh yeah, you'll even catch them doing some Emenim, Nelly and Limp Bizkit too.

One of the many highlights of this ensemble is easily the musical diversity along with the smooth layered vocals and slamming rhythm section. We must not fail to mention their energetic horn section fronted by saxophonist, Antron Reardon, and Jarrod Hammonds on trumpet. This dynamic duo differentiates Cookie from all of the rest.

If you are looking for one of the area's most versatile and complete bands with strings and horns, check this band out soon.
Musical Styles:
»  Motown, Soul, Oldies, Beach, Variety
»  Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Classical
»  Acoustic, Folk, Blues
»  Hip-Hop, Urban, Current R&B
»  80s Pop, 90s Alternative, Modern Rock